Curious Monkey Theatre Company’s Troupe has been working with film maker Iain Gray, Director Toni McElhatton, Writer Sarah Watson and Curious Monkey’s creative team to produce a 360 film installation, sharing the experiences that young people have as they move through different placements in the care system.  The group have been involved in creating the characters and the stories as well as working on the production and performances in the films. 

The film installation is available to hire through our ‘Step Into Their Shoes’ package, an an immersive resource pack which sparks debate through performance, 360 film and art.


Being a teenager is stressful. You have to worry about things like puberty, prom, exams, but being a teenager in the care system makes the usual teenage worries feel laughable. 

You’ll witness this first hand when you become Jackson. You’ll see life through his eyes when he is passed from pillar to post without any say in the matter. From the homely atmosphere of his foster placement, to the rowdy and chaotic tempo of a care home until he's classed as an adult and thrown into the eerie silence of his own flat, and he still has to attend meeting after meeting. 

With all these changes in such a short space of time, it's no wonder it’s having an impact on his mental health not to mention his education.

Developed through the voices of those with care experience, Leaving360 pulls you into the reality of Jackson’s world - as he is living it. 

“The performances were really powerful and created an angle for range of roles and personal experiences to relate. The VR experience is very clever and takes you to the moment – taps into your senses and helps you to put yourself in another person’s place.”

Conference delegate