We have been working with a group of young people with experience of the care system to make a 360 film. The project is about empowering young people to tell others outside of the care system what needs to change. Once complete, the film will be used as a training tool for professionals working within the care system to gain a greater understanding of the experiences of the young people. 

At this stage in the filmmaking process, we are looking for people working within different areas of the care system to give feedback on what has been produced so far. We want to give a well rounded view and represent a range of voices and would like invite care professionals to attend a focus group which will take place from 5pm - 8pm, Wednesday 15th August at Space Six, Commerical Union House, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6QE. 
There will be refreshments and we are able to pay your time in expenses. 

To register your interest, please email jenny@curiousmonkeytheatre.com with the following information: Name, Organisation, Contact details and reasons for wanting to attend.