Silk Road, Live Theatre

Silk Road – How to buy Drugs Online at Live Theatre

Wednesday 28th November

We took a group of young people out to see the play Silk Road – How to buy Drugs online at Live Theatre. As part of our remit to help broaden young people’s appreciation and understanding of theatre, Curious Monkey had arranged a wrap around activity before the performance – a workshop with the writer of the play – Alex Oates.

Silk Road

Silk Road

Alex was very affable and allowed the young people to ask him questions about writing for theatre and TV. He talked about his experiences of writing for EastEnders and where the idea for the play we were going to see came about.  

For the workshop Alex encouraged the young people to come up with two characters. They then jointly wrote some dialogue for a meeting between these two characters. I read out the scene along with one of the group. Alex gave the young people some praise for what they had produced in such a short time. The process gave them an insight into how dialogue is generated for theatre. 

Then we watched the show which told the story of nineteen-year-old called Bruce who lived with his grandmother and how he made money by buying and selling drugs using the dark web site ‘Silk Road’. The play was laugh out loud funny, with actor-Josh Barrow performing the entirety of the 50-minute performance and all its characters. A local lad, he is totally compelling and one actor you should all look out for. The play was a hit with the young people who all loved it, especially the twist at the end of the show.